Interior Finishes

Reconfiguration of existing exhibits and/or addition of new exhibits often results in a need for replacement of existing interior finishes. That need may be driven by the condition of existing finishes, the need to patch locations where existing exhibits are removed, the need to patch finishes for new work, or the desire to bring the appearance of the facility up to the standard of new exhibits. To achieve a seamless presentation, it is important that the interior finishes are consistent with the exhibit finishes.

The exhibit design uses bright, vibrant colors to distinguish content themes and establish clear hierarchies to ensure that information is readily understandable. The palette of colors was selected to appeal to a broad audience and to make the exhibits more engaging.

In support of the storyline, every effort has been made to incorporate environmentally-responsible finishes. These include FSC-certified wood, regionally-fabricated products, rapidly-renewable materials such as cork and linoleum flooring, and materials with recycled content such as 3form® Varia Ecoresin panels. Use of these materials can contribute to LEED certification.

Interior Finish Selections

Descriptions, images, and product specifications are provided for a number of ceiling, floor, and wall finish options.

Ceiling Treatment Options Flooring Options Wall Surface Options

Preliminary order of magnitude square foot cost estimates for finish groupings have been provided in “My Exhibit.” The PSEG Energy and Environmental Resource Center exhibit space in southern New Jersey was used as the basis for the estimates provided. This non-urban market with prevailing wage labor was used as a benchmark for median US construction costs.