Unit 6B – “Collective Choices”

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A series of four wall-mounted graphic panels comprising Unit 6B emphasize the collective choices we have with regard to energy and natural resources. The first panel stresses the need for a national energy policy recognizing that public policy is the connecting thread that societies rely on to promote the common good. A national agenda could provide consistent regulation across states, in addition to addressing energy security concerns.

A direct quote from the National Energy Policy Initiative fills the second panel, reiterating the need for a balance between an energy system that supports a vibrant economy and safeguards the environment.

Panel 3 speaks directly to industry and commerce noting increasing demand for climate-friendly technologies and services as well as risks posed by climate change and environmental degradation.  Three industries are noted for their immediate potential to affect change: electric power generation, buildings, and transportation. The final panel examines how states can and are fostering change through programs that promote energy efficiency and the use of clean, renewable sources of energy.

Target Audience

Best suited for intended audience:

  • School students in grades 6 through 12
  • General adult audience
  • Specialists in energy industry
  • Government dignitaries and representatives

Graphics contain copyrighted imagery. Please refer to the Graphic Production Sourcebook for source information.

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