Unit 5I – “Reactor Core”

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Unit 5I, the focal point of Zone 5, simulates a reactor core with multiple fuel assemblies submerged in water. A graphic image of the core is dramatically lit from below, emitting a blue glow that illuminates a replica of a fuel assembly.

Four reader rails surround the reactor core. The first describes where the fission process occurs, how fuel assemblies are configured, the size of a fuel pellet, and how often refueling occurs. The second reader rail explains how a nuclear reaction is controlled by operators. The third rail illustrates the two types of nuclear reactors used in the U.S.—Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) and Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs). And the fourth reader rail compares the amount of energy a single fuel pellet provides compared to oil, coal, and natural gas.

Target Audience

Best suited for intended audience:

  • School students in grades 6 through 12
  • General adult audience
  • Specialists in energy industry
  • Government dignitaries and representatives

Graphics contain copyrighted imagery. Please refer to the Graphic Production Sourcebook for source information.

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