Unit 5A – “Basics of the System”

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Two wall-mounted graphic panels comprise Unit 5A, which presents fundamental information about nuclear energy. “Where does uranium come from? Where does the fission process occur? Is radiation produced during the fission process?” are a few of the questions answered on the first panel, which describes how nuclear power is produced. A detailed illustration explains the fission process.

The second panel examines how nuclear generating plants operate and provides illustrations of a Pressurized Water Reactor and a Boiling Water Reactor, the two types of reactors currently used in the U.S.

Target Audience

Best suited for intended audience:

  • School students in grades 6 through 12
  • General adult audience
  • Specialists in energy industry
  • Government dignitaries and representatives

Graphics contain copyrighted imagery. Please refer to the Graphic Production Sourcebook for source information.

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