Unit 4E – “Wind and Solar – How they Work”

Product Thumb: 

An actual solar panel and wind turbine add dimension to the exhibit and enable visitors to see these devices up close against a background of four graphic panels displaying stunning images of the technologies in use. Mounted in front of the objects are two reader rails describing how a wind turbine functions and how a solar panel turns the sun’s energy into electric energy.

Media Treatment (MT8)

The “Building Dashboard” captures and presents real-time data on a 32” touchscreen. It can be installed to measure the exhibit building’s energy usage, water consumption, and on-site renewable energy generation. The dashboard presents information in readily understandable quantities, which can be compared to a baseline or other facilities owned by the company.

Target Audience

Best suited for intended audience:

  • School students in grades 6 through 12
  • General adult audience
  • Specialists in energy industry
  • Government dignitaries and representatives

Graphics contain copyrighted imagery. Please refer to the Graphic Production Sourcebook for source information.

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