Unit 4B – “Conservation”

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The overriding message of this series of panels is “conserve more and demand less.” A large graphic panel asks, “What will it take to address climate change?” In response, a diagram, text and images describe the work of Robert Socolow and Stephen Pacala, cofounders of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, who predict the need to cut projected annual global greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2055.

Five subsequent panels offer strategies for the government, utilities, industry and business, and individuals. The final panel in the series discusses the Clean Air Act and progress made by utilities since 1990 to significantly reduce emissions.

In keeping with the exhibits’ sustainable design strategies, the vibrant text and graphic panels are mounted to translucent 3form® recycled resin panels embedded with natural thicket. Grasses below the panels and a sky graphic overhead further allude to the natural environment.

Media Treatment (MT6)

The ENERGY-STAR House interactive engages the audience through a 32” touchscreen that allows visitors to select different rooms of a house and learn simple tips to conserve energy at home while protecting the environment and saving money.

Target Audience

Best suited for intended audience:

  • School students in grades 6 through 12
  • General adult audience
  • Specialists in energy industry
  • Government dignitaries and representatives

Given the interactive nature of this unit and basic principles addressed, it could also appeal to a slightly younger age group with an interest in science (grades 3 through 5).

Graphics contain copyrighted imagery. Please refer to the Graphic Production Sourcebook for source information.

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