Exhibit Consulting

For additional fees, consulting services provided may include exhibit unit selections, sequencing of exhibit storylines, content licensing, customizing exhibits to incorporate company-specific information, identifying planning efficiencies and economies of scale, and integrating new exhibits with existing exhibit units, (if applicable). Other services available can address architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety upgrades required to accommodate new exhibits, and suggest creative and dramatic facility upgrades, including sustainable design strategies and LEED certification. The result of this process will be a concept study, cost analysis for all work, and a preliminary plan showing the exhibit layout of your space.

Additional information is also available on budgeting and funding an Energy Education Center exhibit project, drawing on a careful site assessment of existing conditions. This includes coordinating scopes of both exhibit and site work (e.g., finishes, lighting, power, HVAC, code compliance, etc.) in preparation for seeking project funding. Additional assistance includes support for coordinating exhibit requirements during exhibit fabrication, taking into account design, procurement and construction services performed by other consultants and building trades.
Available architectural project management and sustainability consulting includes: The evaluation of sites, buildings, building envelopes and site conditions for exhibit placement.

  • Conceptual planning services for large and small projects to confirm that proposed exhibit installations comply with applicable federal, state and local codes.
  • Assistance with scoping site requirements; to maintain continuity of content, storyline and aesthetics when integrating new exhibit units with those already existing; to identify cost-saving design configuration and floor plan efficiencies; and to leverage efficiencies in material usage, production, and shipping during the planning phase of the project.
  • Architectural services for the renovation and/or new construction of an exciting, visually powerful, sustainably designed “destination” Energy Education Center facility with community meeting spaces or other associated program areas.
  • Architectural services as the design prime or as the design lead working with a local architect.
  • Customizing exhibits to integrate company branding, assisting with research, scripting, design and sourcing of new content for customized or new exhibits; design and document upgrades to existing exhibits.
  • Reducing change orders for site work by coordinating the work of the exhibit fabricator/installer with the scopes of other design professionals and trades, including finishes, lighting and HVAC.
  • Reviewing and accepting installed exhibit work; punch-listing.

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