Nuclear Industry Policy Representative

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is the industry’s policy organization in Washington, DC. Its broad mission is to foster the beneficial uses of nuclear technology in its myriad forms. The Institute’s membership—340 corporate members in 17 nations—is as diverse as the industry it represents. NEI and its predecessor organizations have served the industry since 1953. It remains at the forefront of the policy arena, where the nation’s policymakers make the decisions that affect nuclear technologies.

NEI served as the industry lead for the Standardized Energy Education Exhibits Project which was sponsored by its members. NEI is available to you to explain the scope and intent of the project and to direct you to resources for your facility, including exhibit planning and project budgeting. NEI does not sell exhibit products and services and has no business relationship with UJMN or Art Guild Inc. beyond the scope of the Standardized Energy Education Exhibits Project.

Strada Architecture LLC (formerly UJMN Architects + Designers)

Primary Project Contact

Strada is the primary contact for the Standardized Energy Education Exhibits and is available to answer general questions about the exhibits and how they can be used by your company. Strada can be retained directly for project management and other services as detailed below.

UJMN, now Strada, served as the exhibit designer and project manager for the Standardized Energy Education Exhibits, and also served as the exhibit designer and project manager for the original exhibits at the PSEG Energy and Environmental Resource Center in Salem, New Jersey. This experience has provided the firm with in-depth knowledge of the history, culture and place of nuclear energy in a portfolio of energy generation solutions.

The process of budgeting and funding an energy center exhibit project requires careful site assessment and coordination with existing conditions and exhibits. Strada can assist you in identifying complete, coordinated scopes of both exhibit and site work (e.g., architecture, finishes, lighting, power, HVAC, code compliance, etc.) in preparation for seeking project funding. Once project funding is secured, Strada can coordinate exhibit requirements and the work of Art Guild Inc. with design, procurement and construction services performed by other consultants and trades. Strada’s exhibit design capabilities are supplemented by architectural services, project management and sustainability consulting. Existing relationships between Strada, Art Guild Inc., and db Media, Inc., the media supplier, ensure seamless coordination and reduce project administration costs.

Art Guild Inc.

Exhibit Fabricator and Installer

Art Guild Incorporated (AGI) is the fabricator and installer of the Standardized Energy Education Exhibits. Exhibit products and installation services are available by direct contract with AGI.

As the fabricator of the original exhibits at the PSEG Energy and Environmental Resource Center in Salem, New Jersey, Art Guild Inc. has also benefited from the experience of working directly with the nuclear industry. This experience ensures that the process of procurement, installation, safety, quality control, and documentation follows the standards of that industry. Art Guild Inc. is a single point of contact for exhibit ordering, verification of site conditions, fabrication, installation, training, and warranty support.

The Standardized Energy Education Exhibits pricing includes both fabrication and installation (shipping and certain installation expenses such as air travel, which varies by location, are additional and are calculated based on installation location). All individual part drawings and engineering details have been completed by Art Guild as part of the standardization process, necessitating zero lead time from receipt of order to beginning of fabrication. Standard hardware, paints, raw materials, AV hardware, and select components will be held as stock by Art Guild, further insuring rapid fulfillment of orders and availability of replacement parts. Art Guild offers truly turn-key exhibits including all AV hardware installed, and media loaded.

db Media, Inc.

Media Integration

db Media, Inc. offers an award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals combined to create and deliver state-of-the-art interactive multimedia programs and experiences to trade shows, museums and public venues. For the past 20 years, companies have been coming to db Media to leverage new technologies and craft high-impact media experiences that teach, inform and excite. The firm’s in-house Media Lab includes full animation, programming and HD video production as well as extensive computer and audio-visual hardware engineering capabilities. Using a script-to-screen approach, media is designed, engineered, produced and deployed to make complex and creative visions a reality.

Interpret Green

Media Planning and Production

Keast & Hood Co.

Exhibit Structural Engineering

Architectural Lighting Design (ALD) LLC

Exhibit Lighting Design

Shattered Images

Exhibit Rendering

4x3, LLC

Website Design and Content Management System Development

Paul S. Bartholomew Photography

PSEG Energy and Environmental Center Exhibits Photography