Exhibit Content


The Standardized Energy Education Exhibits represent a new generation of energy-focused exhibits that examine the challenge of satisfying the nation’s energy-dependent lifestyle in light of limited natural resources. The exhibits present the basics of electricity generation and distribution; trace the historical evolution of the nation’s energy demands; explore conservation, renewable energy, and clean central station power; and offer strategies to balance the nation’s goals for energy, the environment, the economy, and our future.

The exhibits are organized in six distinct zones:

Zone 1 introduces an overarching theme—electricity is essential to our daily lives.

Zone 2 presents the basic principles of energy and electricity, necessary to understand the challenges and complexities associated with generation and transmission.

Zone 3 explores the premise that the world is one interconnected, interdependent system and that a sustainable community strikes a balance among three essential elements—people (and their needs), prosperity, and environmental preservation. It calls attention to environmental conditions that may be attributed to the developing world and challenges visitors to make a change.

Zone 4 responds to the call for action in Zone 3 with a three-pronged strategy: increase conservation and energy efficiency; expand the use of renewable energy; and improve large-scale sources of clean power.

Zone 5 is devoted exclusively to the role of nuclear power in the global energy mix, providing a comprehensive overview from fission, to safety and security, to used fuel recycling.

Zone 6 engages the visitor in the collective effort that must be made to balance the human desire for progress with the health of the planet, outlining specific strategies for government, businesses, and the individual that can be implemented readily.

Due to the amount and complexity of the information and the diverse audience, the exhibits are layered and carefully paced with multi-media and manual interactives. The graphic presentation uses bright, vibrant colors to distinguish exhibit themes and establish clear hierarchies to ensure that information is readily understandable. In support of the storyline, the exhibits integrate environmentally-responsible materials, finishes, and equipment such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood, regionally-fabricated products, rapidly-renewable materials, and ENERGY STAR®-rated equipment.